Life Is Good

I certainly post enough entries here when I’m feeling sad, frustrated, argumentative, or what have you.  I should be trying to post more when life is feeling good, which it is today.  There’s nothing special I can think of that makes it super good.  The kids still fight and skip chores, the house is still a wreck, I still haven’t gotten a perfect day on HabitRPG in I don’t know how long.

Every so, today I feel good.  I am at peace with life today.  I can giggle over getting some illicit Oreos with Jarod at the store and eating them in the parking lot.  I can pet other people’s big dogs and hug them and be good with it.  I can roll my eyes at a misbehaving computer.  Yesterday was good too.

It’s a good day when I can let troubles roll off my back.  It’s a good day when I can smile at something that happened weeks or months ago, or smile and laugh at something that has been going on for months..  It’s a good day when I can feel that there are things I want to do, and I will do them, or some of them, or maybe just one, but I’ll do something and enjoy it.  It’s a good day when I can so easily focus on my gratitudes instead of my grievances.

Today is a good day.

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I am a Wiccan priestess, a libertarian mother of triplets plus three, a wife and homeschooling mom to blind and autistic children, a fiber artist, and a Jane of All Trades, always learning and seeking to help.

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