Brain Surgery

I realized recently that I never posted much here about the biggest little thing in our lives this past year:  Brian’s Little Friend, the asshole brain tumor.  The acoustic neuroma that appeared out of nowhere, so big that every surgeon looking at his MRIs had to do double-takes and come back to us saying things […]

A’Kos Goes to Disney, Part Two: The Road There

I just left everybody hanging on our road trip, didn’t I? Life gets in the way sometimes, but I will get the whole trip posted eventually.  Here’s part two: We’ve made road trips by camping as a family before, but that was many years ago. We’ve camped more recently as a family using a popup camper, […]

Gardening 3.0

My friends will remember our loss of a dear friend back in 2013.  Chris was amazing.  I was always in awe of the work she did on her homesteading and her Zumba classes.  She put her whole heart into everything she did, and she took so much hard-won knowledge and experience with her when she died, so […]

She’s Gonna Blow!

Or she’s not.  Or maybe she’s going to bleed to death.  Or fart so badly she’ll clear the planetary room. Who is she? Bárðarbunga, of course. Or maybe Askja.  Or Holuhraun.  Or Herðubreiðartögl. Or Grímsvötn. Or Laki. (I’m going to have to figure out how to just switch to an Icelandic keyboard layout if this […]

Sock Madness 8, Round 3

Round 3 was pretty interesting this year.  First off, there were the specs, which had everybody talking way back in February before we even knew in which round they were going to be used. Yarn: Knitting Goddess merino/nylon 2 x 50g, Knitting Goddess mini-skein set in Rainbow 7x10g (C1-C7) Needles: US1/2.25mm circular needles or dpns, […]

The Little Ways We Lead Ourselves Astray

When I was growing up, I loved reading stories that had anything to do with babies and motherhood.  I remember reading about the coming-of-age ritual of wearing your hair up in the Little House books, and wishing I had something like that to mark a transition for myself.  I remember stories of girls who cared […]

Sock Madness 8, Round 1

For those who didn’t see this last year, Sock Madness is an annual speed knitting competition.  They’ll tell you it’s not a competition, not really, but the first person to finish wins, and I call that a speed competition, or a race.  Pattern designers, novice and seasoned, spend the preceding year(s) coming up with the […]

This week was great because…

Similar to the ideas of focusing on the roses, or of enumerating things to be grateful for, another idea for improving positive thinking is to focus on what has been accomplished and what has been good.  Fat Man has used this idea pretty successfully himself, and it’s been floating to the surface of my mind […]

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