Uber Driving

Probably the most interesting thing to happen around here in the past few weeks (besides birthdays, which really aren’t mine to tell anymore) is my new income stream as an Uber driver.  If you haven’t heard of Uber yet (or Lyft, or Sidecar), it is a ride-sharing service.  Uber provides an interface and payment system […]

Mabon Reflections

  Today is Mabon, the celebration of the fall equinox in the Northern Hemisphere.  The world sits at the balance between the summer half of the year and the winter.  Now the days begin to grow shorter, the nights longer.  Now we reap the fruits of the harvest, the corn and the wheat, the apples […]

And the Beat Goes On

I’m definitely getting into the “overwhelmed” part of the cycle of life around here.  Adding up the expenses for Tamara’s cheer group just gets crazier and crazier: $70 for a uniform, $30 for regionals, $69 for nationals, $1200 to get the van road worthy, $250 for the timeshare exchange, probably $1500 for gas and hotel/camping […]

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