‘Tis the Season

The gift-giving season, that is.  For our family, it starts in September, really, and runs all the way to March, after which our family gets a nice reprieve (except for Kender’s birthday).  Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, every month, one after another.  If you speak of friends, we have birthdays year-round, of course.  But then there is […]

Uber Driving

Probably the most interesting thing to happen around here in the past few weeks (besides birthdays, which really aren’t mine to tell anymore) is my new income stream as an Uber driver.  If you haven’t heard of Uber yet (or Lyft, or Sidecar), it is a ride-sharing service.  Uber provides an interface and payment system […]

Getting to Know My Enemies

“Perfect is the enemy of good.”  That image of perfect comes from so many places.  Books and movies, holiday parties, even memories.  We whitewash our memories, change them, push away the bad parts and amplify the good parts.  When I do that, and then I try to hold up as a standard my memory of […]

The Crazy Season Begins

Resetting the calendars to October always brings home the fact that the crazy season in now upon us.  Here come the holiday decorations, three months of beautiful neighborhood displays that get bigger and brighter every year. Here come the birthdays, four birthdays in as many days just in our house, plus more birthdays of family […]

A’Kos Visits the Renaissance

The Michigan Renaissance Festival is open for only one Friday each year. It is School Day, an opportunity for area schools to organize field trips in the name of history. Tickets are half price for groups that purchase in bulk ahead of time, coupon books provide a little food discount, and the actors tone down […]


Getting up at seven in the morning really doesn’t agree with me, and yet I keep making commitments that require this ungodly hour of rising.  All the right people sleep until noon.  What am I doing getting up at seven?  Classes for this, classes for that, appointments, field trips.  I really think the Renaissance Festival […]

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