The Spinning of Creation

Long, long, long ago, so long that nobody knows how many years, when the world was not yet born, the Goddess floated in the emptiness, alone and waiting. No one knows how long she waited, humming to herself, before she began to listen to her own song, singer and listener, splitting into two, joined into one by the thread of the song itself.  As the song-string connecting the two halves of deity vibrated with the force of the song, God and Goddess came together and apart, again and again, each joining bringing new life bursting forth into the void of the multiverse.  From one such joining, one among many past and many to come, came our own Universe, and all that we know and love, all that has been and all that will be.
As the Lovers pulled away, the Universe grew up between them, shining strands of life and light connecting them to each other, a web of cosmic proportions.  Each junction on the web shone with the light and energy coursing between the Lovers, energy pulsing and flowing and growing into stars, the stars expanding and multiplying and spinning fresh webs between them.  The web of stars grew and spread, shaping itself into galaxies, the galaxies shaping themselves into clusters, the universal shape of the web repeating over and over from the beginning of time until the end of all things.
Although the pattern started out the same, each weaving of the web produced something just a little bit different.  A twitch of a string here, and all the colors of the rainbow could be seen, red stars and blue stars, green planets and brown ones, all the colors of creation.  A breath of vibration there, and the web of souls could reach through and touch the web of stars, coming together and creating life, vibrant points of consciousness, a new spark of life for every new junction of the webs.
Each new spark of life reflected the original sparks that created all, shining and flickering.  Each spark contributed to the song, each song contributed to the vibrations that shook the web, each vibration shimmered and grew into a new web of its own.  Each new life shone with a slightly different hue, weaving a slightly different pattern into the web.  Throughout it all, the Lovers continued to sing to each other, bridging the Universe with their humming song, spinning the web of vibrating strings, each one connected to every other, to infinity and beyond.
When the web grew large enough, more deities began to spring forth from the network, each deity a reflection of the Lovers, who were a reflection of each other; each deity just a little different, humming a different tune, spinning a slightly different web; each deity connected to every other one by the great universal web.  For never again would Deity be alone.
The song was sung, and the web was spun, and the Universe moved on, and every spark of consciousness contributed to the weaving, every fragment and reflection of Deity contributed to the great song. The web now shines with an uncountable number of lights, reflects itself in uncountable fractal iterations, and yet every piece remains connected, and every action spreads its vibrations across the entire web.  From the great thoughts of the Lovers, to the wishes of the youngest humans on a little planet called Earth in an obscure corner of the Universe, all contributes to the whole of the holy web.
The Web is not always perfect.  Sometimes a weaving does not hold, its junctions falling apart, its strands melting away as their vibrations cannot be sustained.  Sometimes a weaving simply fades away, its vibrations transferred along the cosmic strings to another place, another piece.  The lights fade away…only to reappear in another piece of the web, spinning another creation to add to the whole.  For nothing is ever truly lost, only reshaped and respun.
In our hearts, we know of the spinning of the great web, and we tell its story in as many variations as there are reflections of Deity. We have told of Grandmother Spider, spinning her Web of Life, spinning our lives into the great web, each of us with our own lessons to learn, our own junctions to cross, our own smaller webs of life to create.  Grandmother Spider spins us out, measures our web, and carries our cord from one life to the next, maintaining the continuity of her creation.
We have told of Ariadne, Mistress of the Labyrinth, and how the thread she spun out of her love for Theseus helped save his life, enabling him to find his way out of the Labyrinth after killing the minotaur. For the threads of life and death connect us all through love.
We have told the story of Athena and Arachne, how even the smallest reflections of Deity can spin webs that rival those of the mightiest, and how even the mightiest reflections of Deity can show the basest of emotions, unravelling and changing the webs of others out of jealousy and spite.
Perhaps you have heard of the Moirai, the Fates, the spinners and weavers who sit among you tonight.  Three faces of Fate, three faces of Goddess, three faces of Deity, each working with the others to spin out the Web of the Universe: Clotho to spin the thread, Lachesis to measure the thread, and Atropos to determine the final position of the thread in the Great Work.
Their work cannot be done, however, their efforts to expand the web cannot continue, without our own contributions.  It is our lives, our loves, our ambitions and dreams that provide the raw materials with which the Fates spin the Web.  We choose the direction of our destiny, and the Fates weave us together.  We choose our goals, and the Fates paint them into the grand picture.  And so we bring our colors to the Fates tonight, as we bring our wants, wishes, desires and goals into the Web of Life, and the Fates spin them into pieces of lasting memory, for these cords, made by your work this year, spun into manifestation through your will and the work of the Fates, will last into the next year if you choose to wear them so, a reminder of the work you have done already and an inspiration for your works to come…a piece of the thread that connects you to Deity, and all of us to each other.
©2017 Elayne Glantzberg and Solinox Enterprises, All Rights Reserved
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