More on the break

We just heard back from the doctor’s office this morning. After reviewing the reports over the weekend, they want her to see an orthopedist to be sure that the treatment is sufficient and correct. They’re going to try to get her an appointment as soon as possible, with their preferred orthopedist or with a different one if necessary.

Tough Breaks

The one triplet who had so far avoided any stitches now has the dubious distinction of being the first person in the family to break a bone. Tamara managed to fall off her own two feet, on a flat, carpeted floor, and break her ring finger last Friday. She broke the base of her ring finger on her left hand. It was a clean break, and the doctor just put a splint on the one finger and sent her home. We decided to support it a little more by taping that finger to the two fingers next to it, both to protect it and to make sure it stays straight.

Crazy choices

Do I listen to the baby cry while I feed the other children and do laundry and basic house care? Or do I sling him and pull my shoulder out of whack so that just turning my head is impossible? Or do I nurse the baby, sitting out of commission for 30 minutes or more?

Do I run the errands that have been piling up, or do I work on the schoolwork that has been piling up? Or do I work on the housework that has been piling up? Or the Avon or programming work that has been piling up?

Happy Birthday

Jarod is one year old today!!! We had a small celebration with our friends, the Browns. Jarod got his baby bear cake, but I’m not sure he actually ate any of it. In fact, he got pretty upset about the whole thing! He liked his presents, though. Pictures are here, and help is always appreciated if anybody wants to upload some for me.


I went to my first Avon sales meeting last night. I was very surprised to find out that my meeting place is in Jackson. I would have expected it to be in Lansing. Makes me wonder just how many (or how few!) reps are actually in my area. I got waylaid on the way there. I stopped at Burger King for dinner, and the Assistant Manager called me inside to look over the book and place an order…a BIG ORDER! Finally! So I didn’t mind being late to my first meeting. I’m glad I still went.

Large Families = Drugs

No, not like that! Quit thinking the worst, you!

I had the idea today to compare having lots of kids to taking speed or meth. Now, I don’t exactly know what taking meth is like, but I think I can get an idea, based on previous overdoses of caffeine and previous non-overdoses of Ritalin. From what I’ve read, meth is similar, just stronger. An intense energy and focus, drive, getting things done. That’s what Ritalin and caffeine are like. Focus. Getting things done, instead of sitting around.

Day off

Today was Records Day for Mason’s government schools, so the kids ended up getting the day off as well. The girls’ Brownie troop went off to Camp Wacousta for the day to do badge activities, and came back happy and smelling of campfire. Brenden got to hang out with his friends for the day and go sledding (something that Elayne hasn’t gotten out to do yet what with Jarod and all). And Elayne used the quiet time around the house to do a little reading with Liam and take down all the Christmas decorations. It was a little too quiet, actually!

Happy Birthday to Me

I didn’t get much in the way of presents, but I did finally get my birthday storm. Yesterday morning, I thought this year was going to fizzle. The forecast wasn’t good. But it started snowing yesterday afternoon, and it still hasn’t stopped, forecast be damned! Everything is white, and right now it’s coming down pretty hard. It’s still close to freezing, so the streets and sidewalks melt off whenever it slows down. But still pretty cool.


My computer is so slow. It runs “like a dog,” as Daddy puts it. It wasn’t always this way. When I first got it, it was Speedy Gonzales. It was great! I loved it! But sometime in the last year and a half or so, it turned into the Molasses River. I only have 256MB of memory, and judging from the constant disk access, large page files, etc., more memory would cure all my ills. It would be really nice to have right now, while I’m working on this huge project that’s due so fast and that I’m not getting nearly enough time to work on.

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