Tuesday night has become movie night thanks to the special usually offered by the theater. Tonight, we decided to have dinner, too, and visited the Texas Roadhouse next door. I walked in, and while there was an American flag on the wall, no Lone Star was visible from the entrance. After being seated, the waiter came to take our drink orders. No Dr. Pepper. I checked the beer menu a while later, and no Shiner, either. I look up, and finally see two Lone Stars on the wall over the bar. In between them is a Spartans flag.

Liam started babbling Thursday, babababa and stuff. He’s been making a few noises like that all week, but Thursday he really took off. He’ll carry on a whole conversation and loves it when we babble back to him. He’ll do it while he’s eating, too. He doesn’t eat his food, he talks to it until it runs down the back of his throat in frustration.

Tuesday morning, I had a gynecologist appointment. When I left, I picked up Brian at work and showed him a positive pregnancy test. And he believed me! I let him off the hook after a few minutes, though. My new gynecologist is cool. He got somebody in his office who was pregnant to pee on the test for me. Brian says that was mean and rude and all sorts of other nasty things. I think that mean would have been waiting until that evening to tell him, “April Fool’s!”

Yesterday was going really well, until about one o’clock. That’s when I decided to brush my hair. I was about halfway through when Liam decided to roll over and smack the back of his head on the edge of one of the coffee table legs. I picked him up, but he wouldn’t be consoled, so I wound up letting him nurse to calm him down. While I was doing that, both Tamara and Caitlin decided to go potty. When I finally got up there, they were apparently taking turns sitting on the toilet and wiping. There was a huge mass of toilet paper in the toilet, and when I tried to flush, it overflowed.

Had a bit of a scare earlier this week. The kids were watching the Wiggles on the Disney channel, and I was in the bathroom, when suddenly I heard that sound they use for the Emergency Broadcast/Civil Defense system. Talk about a heart attack! I have never before heard that sound unless it was on the radar channel back home (for weather alerts) or it was immediately followed by, “This is a test…” They didn’t say it was a test. I rushed to finish and raced downstairs to find…nothing. Not a blessed thing.

I get so incredibly out of joint when I’m off schedule. Yesterday really wasn’t a bad day. In fact, it was a pretty good day. But just the fact that I was off my usual schedule had me spaced and completely disconnected all day long. It’s like I can’t function without my schedule; my brain doesn’t know what to do or focus on next.

Yesterday I took the kids to Caesarland, the Little Caesar’s version of Chuck E. Cheese. They have one TV in the whole building, visible from some of the tables up by the cash register. It’s showing the war, complete with bombings and fires and everything.

Later last night, Brian and I went to a night club. There were basketball games on, and the DJ occasionally made war references, but there was no war coverage visible.

Let me get this straight. We’re covering the war for the little kids, but not for the grown-ups?

Hmmm, where to begin? “In the beginning…” Okay, in the beginning there was me, myself, and 10,000 things to do. No, wait, make that 9,999. Finally got my computer up in the new house, feeding the baby breakfast, figured I’d work on a new way to publish my diary. Not that I’ve been keeping it lately. I should have, but it was too much trouble. Maybe this will be easier.

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