Bears for Babies

Over on the left side of the screen, you may see a new link called “Bears for Babies.” As the holidays approach, we are trying to raise money to buy as many bears as possible to donate to our local NICU for the babies there. We remember receiving gifts like these from NICU graduates when we were in the hospital, and have always wanted to pass it on. Please help us make this a big celebration by checking out our bear page and clicking the “Buy Now” button below the bear to purchase your own bear, which we will personally hand-deliver to the NICU this holiday season!

Lots of babies

We went to a first birthday party for a friend’s baby this weekend. Including our own Jarod, there were 5 babies there, three of them crawling or toddling around. I’d be feeding Jarod on the floor, and another baby only 3 days younger would come climbing up on my knee. It was very nostalgic. Having all the babies running around, playing with them, watching them interact, all of that was the best part about having triplets, and something that I miss.

Clothing woes

The incredible shrinking waistline does not lend itself well to jeans. But I like wearing jeans. I like having the pockets to put things in, especially since a purse is a double hindrance when I’m hauling children. I like being able to carry my PDA around with me, ready and at-hand whenever I need access to my memory. But because I can’t afford to by jeans every month, and I threw out all my fat clothes, I’m needing to make my pants last longer. Hence, the belt.

Job Interview

I had a job interview today. It was with a market research company, for a position as an auditor. Sort of just going around to different stores and counting things, then reporting back. It’s a part-time, permanent job, which would be absolutely awesome if I get it. I had to drive all the way out to Grand Rapids for the interview, but all the work is in the Lansing area, so it will work out okay.

I have been dog-tired today. Ugh. Once I got back from the interview, I just crashed. I didn’t feel all that nervous or anything during the interview. I wonder what happened?


I don’t know whether to consider today the first day of school, or the first day of a possible turn of the tide in the war against the fleas. The flea infestation here has grown to a positively monstrous scale. All of the cats were riddled with them, and constantly looked like they had been rolling in dirt (covered in flea poop, as I understand). I couldn’t even walk across the living room floor without having half a dozen jump up on my ankles.

Stretch Marks

No, a tummy tuck won’t do anything for stretch marks. Obviously, any stretch marks on the skin that is removed are gone, but the rest will be just as much there as before. They may just change location a bit, moving with the skin. I still have about half of the stretch marks from the triplets. I have a new batch from my youngest, born after the tummy tuck, but they are very light. They are horizontal, instead of vertical like my other stretch marks, and they are all above my belly button, instead of beside or below it.

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