Kender’s Match Video

This is a bit of a screenplay of Kender’s “Making a Good Match” video for 4 Paws.  I will post links to some of the video clips here when it is finished.  The whole thing promises to be quite long and a bit too invasive of privacy to publicly share in its entirety.  In the meantime, this is a work in progress on what I expect the video to look like.

Interview with Elayne about her experience with dogs (done):

I grew up with dachshunds in the house until the youngest one died when I was about 10 or so. I never really had to take care of them at all, they were just there, to be played with and petted. The next dog I had experience with was when I was 17, in college. I picked up a puppy on the side of the road and brought it home. I did not do a good job of anything but loving and feeding her. I had no clue about anything to do with caring for a dog. She was never housebroken or even fixed, and she ended up getting left with a neighbor when I had to move. Brian’s brother did the same thing when he was living with us, picked up a puppy on the side of the road, and then he left it with us when he moved in with his girlfriend. We passed it on pretty quickly. We tried intentionally getting a puppy when the triplets were toddlers, but that didn’t go well either.  I couldn’t manage to housebreak the dog, and probably shouldn’t even have tried while the triplets were that small. The poor dog only lived for a few months before mysteriously dying, apparently of poisoning, although we don’t know how. I kept my mother’s cocker spaniel for a few months, and that was probably the best experience I had as an adult with a dog.He was already fully trained, so I didn’t have to do that part. I’ve kept my mother’s current dog, a terrier mix mutt, off and on since she got it, with mixed feelings. I don’t like terriers much, and Pixie is not well trained and tends to pee and poop in my house when she is here. My biggest problem with dogs overall is a great difficulty on my part with training them. I can keep up with a dog that is already trained, but I am no good at doing the training. I can barely housebreak my human children! I never took a formal training class with any of my dogs, though, and I never made a concerted effort to train them myself, so that biases my experience and feelings. I like to play with dogs, and I am pretty good at getting them excited and happy. I don’t really like small dogs, because they’re just weird to me, and I don’t like terrier or short-hair dogs because they aren’t pettable, but I also know those are just preferences. I worry a little about handling the dog in public, but again this is colored by my experience with very friendly, but very much UNTRAINED, dogs that did things like pee in the store or something equally embarrassing.

Interview with Brian, answering questions in section 1 (done).

The Child and Pets

  • Elayne talking about Kender
  • This is Max
  • Give Max catnip
  • This is Teddy Bear
  • give Teddy Bear treats
  • introduce Midnight the Bunny, show Brenden, Jarod, Tamara and Kender with bunny
  • Feeding the bunny
  • Interview with MawMaw showing Pixie
  • Play ball with Pixie
  • Gemmy and Glitter
  • Interview with Cheryl
  • meeting Emmy
  • meeting Mink

Your family

  • Interview with Brenden
  • Brenden with Max
  • Brenden with Teddy Bear
  • Interview with Tamara
  • Tamara, Jarod, and Kender with bunny
  • Tamara with Teddy Bear
  • Interview with Caitlin
  • Caitlin with bunny
  • Caitlin with Max
  • Caitlin with Teddy Bear
  • Interview with Liam
  • Liam with bunny
  • Liam with Max
  • Liam with Teddy Bear (need more/another)
  • Interview with Jarod
  • Jarod and Kender with Teddy Bear
  • Jarod, Tamara, and Kender with Max

Your House

  • Tour of the outside of the house, showing playground, garden areas and plans for fencing
  • Tour of the (dirty) house
  • Living room furniture
  • Tour of the neighborhood, showing dogs and owners when possible
  • Interview with Ray-Ray’s owner
  • Interview with Chelsea
  • Note constant presence of neighborhood cats and late night outdoor cat fights.

Family Activity

  • Early mornings
  • Show chore chart
  • Morning Chores call
  • Religious Fire (demonstration that we do like to light candles on a regular basis)
  • Second Breakfast (what happens when my blood sugar drops)
  • My sisters set things on fire (they light candles, too)
  • Caitlin and Tamara reading
  • Jarod doing handwriting pages
  • Discuss homeschooling, unschooling, and unstructured day
  • Chasing
  • Liam shouting
  • Swordfighting
  • Blanket fort
  • Death of Bookshelves
  • Going into Foster
  • Foster at lunch
  • Park Day video
  • Park wandering
  • Church ritual video
  • At the museum
  • Reach Art Installation

The Child Getting the Dog

  • Morning routine
    • Waking up on his own
    • Do you want breakfast?
    • Getting eyedrops
    • Handing out vitamins
    • Combing the hair
    • Brushing the teeth
  • 5 hours of Kender (5 hours of video of our dining room one evening, compressed to 90 minutes by only showing Kender)
  • playing with the side porch door
  • opening doors
  • Evening routine
  • Going somewhere in the car
    • Getting shoes on
    • Putting on a coat
    • Getting in the car
    • In the van
    • Getting out of the car
    • Going to Lowes
    • Going to Meijer
  • School at Foster
    • Intro to Foster
    • Zumba class (mention Chris)
    • Storytime class
    • running away at Foster
    • First potty trip at Foster


  • Screaming Fit
  • Mad Shouting
  • Kicking and Screaming

Unusual Behaviors

  • Chair rubbing
  • Cup collection
  • Eye tuck
  • Fingers in ears
  • Head-chair
  • Rocking
  • Ignoring me
  • Kender phone
  • Mimicry
  • Odd carrying style
  • Redirection
  • Sleeping anywhere
  • Stutter bounce
  • Wiping off the fingers
  • Singing collection
  • What Does the Kender Say collection

Behaviors we hope the dog will control

  • Lie down in playground
  • Light switches
  • Oblivious wandering
  • Patting things
  • Random shouting
  • Using chairs to climb
  • Strange sounds collection


  • Responding to people
  • Hand holding
  • Kender playing with tactile squares
  • Having fun collection
  • Playing with tails
  • Cat pillow
  • The Swipe
  • Petting
  • Pickup & drop


  • Show Brian and Kender using their canes
  • Kender going up the stairs
  • Show Brailler, brailled books, and Kender looking at a braille book
  • Interview Brian about walking with a dog

Therapy and regular medical visits

  • Going to the dentist
  • Discuss eye doctor visits, with anesthesia and hospital


  • Interview with Beth Ambrose
  • Interview with Ann
  • Interview with Beth Brown

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