There are a lot of things that we take for granted as cultural knowledge when it comes to childbirth, and the amazing thing is how much of the shared “knowledge” just ain’t so.  There are so many myths that are accepted as fact, and there are entirely too many doctors (and even midwives) who will do nothing to dispel these myths, or may even believe in them.  There are too many doctors who do not practice evidence-based medicine around childbirth, and too many women who don’t know that standing up for themselves is even an option.

I am neither a doctor nor a midwife.  What I am is a mother who has experienced birth from quite a few angles.  I share in these pages the things I have learned through my own experiences along with information I have gleaned from my own research.  Obviously what works for me will not work for everybody, and I am not qualified to offer medical advice.  However, perhaps some of what I have to offer can spark some learning amongst others, some conversations between mothers and their birth care providers, maybe even change a few minds.

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