You have triplets???

I can completely sympathize with the mom in this story. These days, I don’t have to tell anybody that I have triplets. If I mention it, it’s because I am at that moment prepared to discuss them, to answer questions and generally engage in conversation about them. When they were babies, though, it was never […]

Stretch marks and discomfort

I think the stretch marks have finally had enough. They seem to have stopped multiplying along the front, and they aren’t getting that bad anywhere else, so hopefully the worst is over. I’m so uncomfortable sleeping and walking; I don’t even remember what comfortable is. I take little bitty steps when I walk, because if […]

Diabetic Diet

I can’t even make it through a good pregnancy without bursting into tears on a regular basis. Between constantly worrying about whether I’m feeling contractions or not, all the people who are driving over 20 miles to go to the store for me because nobody I know closer will do it, Brian having to cook […]

Chefs, and a trip to the hospital

I sure could go for some hot, fresh, cooked-in-front-of-me food. I came across the neatest thing a few weeks ago when I was looking for something I could get myself for dinner while Brian was at Fiesta Texas. There’s a company in town that will come to your house, plan a multi-course meal with you, […]

Free stuff, and diabetes strikes!

Well, I started getting some really nasty sugar readings today on my home monitor. *insert colorful cursing here* Guess I get to figure out how to consume 3000 calories on a diabetic diet. *insert multicultural cursing here* Brian thinks it might just be a one-day thing, and there really isn’t anything I can do until […]

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