Planning for bedrest

I think the egg must have split once, and then one half split again, if the babies are identical. At least, none of my biology teachers ever told me a cell could split three ways at once! Brian would just love to have identical babies.

I think we’ve finally worked out an arrangement for bedrest. We got a bedtray that will go over my legs that I can put a keyboard on, with the mouse at my side. I’m also going to get a plain lapdesk (the kind with the pillows on the bottom) for writing and stuff. We’ll put the little fridge next to the bed, and get a set of those plain (& cheap!) plastic shelves and set those up over it for me to set stuff on. We’ll put the entertainment center in the bedroom for now and set it up on the far wall. Then we need to get a rolling cart of some sort to put the computer, monitor, and VCR on (and an extra-long cable to connect the VCR to the TV). I think this will work, and it doesn’t require buying too much new furniture, just the shelves and the cart.

I’ll still be online through all this. I’ve been online constantly since I was 14 years old, I think I’d go into withdrawal without it! Starting out our marriage on limited resources (read welfare) we got real good at running cables and wires all over the house without letting the blind guy trip on them. But we won’t have to have two phone lines anymore; the apartments we’re moving into next month are pre-wired for T1 access through a company called Broadband Now. Or we could go with the cable company, but this company will be cheaper both to set up and maintain.

I just can’t imagine going on bedrest with no warning! It’s taken me most of two months to figure all this stuff out!

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