The Cult of the Birthday

What is this birthday party cult every mom seems to get sucked into? I have
four birthdays this week. My triplets’ birthday was on Tuesday, and my
youngest son’s birthday is tomorrow. We’re already strapped just getting
decent presents for everybody and a little cake and festivity. And for us,
decent presents means bikes for the older kids, assembling a train table out
of track we already own for the youngest, Barbies for the girls, a truck for
Brenden, and another small-to-medium gift yet-to-be-decided for Liam. I

Happy Birthday!

It’s birthday week again. The week when Mommy and Daddy go broke on
presents, argue with the pediatrician about bringing in four kids at once
for check-ups (they still won’t let us do it), and the kids all think it’s
the holidays already. We’ve tried to tone it down a little this year, since
last year birthdays and holidays were so huge and overwhelming. Still, we
got our share of, “Where are the rest of my presents?” Oh well.

Our next-door neighbor, Millie Young, took the kids and their friend

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