Eminent Domain

I cannot believe the latest socialist Supreme Court ruling. I’ve always been against eminent domain. If nothing else, property owners should get what they originally paid, plus inflation. At a MINIMUM. And that should only happen if, say, a city needs to build a new hospital or something else essential. I’m sorry, but I think maybe hospitals are where to draw the line. Nothing else is that essential.

Body Changes

Here’s a bizarre thing: my belly gets bigger at night. First thing in the morning, I still just look a little chunkier than usual. By the time I put the kids to bed (the boys still have that wall mirror in their room, so I get a good look), I definitely look pregnant! What is up with that? I don’t remember ever seeing it before. Then somebody mentioned it on a BabyCenter birth board, but that was a couple of weeks ago. Now I can definitely see it, worse today than ever before.

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