Bad luck

We’ve definitely had our share of bad luck around here. We could certainly use some happy vibes, helpful prayers, magick spells, or anything else you want to throw our way, before anything else happens. I know I haven’t posted in a while. It’s been crazy, and our domain forwarding was down for a while anyway. Here’s the scoop:

I can’t win

I just can’t win. I’ve spent today packing up and tying off loose ends, preparatory to driving to Texas tomorrow. Grandma is officially on her deathbed, and we’re hoping to get there before she dies. At least they’re finally letting her go home…if she doesn’t die before Saturday, that is. But now I’ve got to make my annual trip home at the last minute, and BY MYSELF, which royally sucks. It’s not Brian’s fault. He missed too much work this month from being in the hospital. I tried to talk him into quitting his job and becoming beach bums, but he’s not interested.

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