Summertime Things

We’re getting ready for PaganFest this week.  We’ve been attending the relatively new Michigan festival for the past three years, and now it is just one of our annual rituals to welcome in summer.  Three days at a campground with bonfire and fellowship…I’m looking forward to it even though I will be spending most of my time this year in the vendor hall sitting with Kender’s fundraising table.

I just have to get there, first.

Got to pack clothes for me and Kender and hope the other five kids get enough stuff packed.  Got to pack food for three days on a tight budget and with as little cooking and dishwashing as possible — I’m hoping more freezer-bag cooking will get us through like it did at ConVocation. Got to make sure and take food and toys and grooming tools for A’Kos.  Don’t forget the coffee!

There’s a Meijer or a Wal-Mart or something right behind the fairgrounds.  I have to remember this.  No matter what I forget, I can always run around the wall and fetch it.

Except ritual attire.  I can’t fetch that.  I was elevated to Second Degree this past weekend.  That makes me officially the Reverend Elayne Glantzberg.  That doesn’t feel like it fits just yet.  My ritual robe doesn’t fit, either, thanks to the addition of fluff over the past year or so.  Not only do I need to make that fit, I need to make a tabard for my wheels of office, and I need them both to be ready by Friday morning so that I will look right for the opening ritual.  I feel like I’ve gotten my sewing mojo back a bit this week, I just need to get in there and get it done.

The weather isn’t helping. It is so incredibly, unbelievable humid that I finally went and cranked down the air conditioning thermostat.  I’ll pay the bill, I’ll sell my body to cover the bill if I have to, just please, please, grant me some relief!!  The humidity is high, the pressure is dropping, my body is saying it’s time to quit already. Blech.  I hate summertime in Michigan.  One of these days, when I’m rich and famous, I’m going to take all my Michigan friends down to Texas for a visit and show them what it’s really like, how summer is so much nicer without the humidity.

At least the weather will improve when we get there.  All I really have to do is get the robes done and get Kender’s table packed.  Everything else is right around the corner at the local superstore.

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