Getting up at seven in the morning really doesn’t agree with me, and yet I keep making commitments that require this ungodly hour of rising.  All the right people sleep until noon.  What am I doing getting up at seven?  Classes for this, classes for that, appointments, field trips.  I really think the Renaissance Festival would be much more fun at night.  Just think how cool the guy who juggles fire would look then!

I was so tired this morning that I didn’t even bother to put shoes on the little ones or a harness on A’Kos.  I just loaded them up as they were and dropped the big kids without going inside.  It’s one of those days where I sit here at the computer for as long as I possibly can get away with it.  I’m not sitting here uselessly, but I’m scanning through my to-do and dailies lists looking for things that can be done from this chair.  Anything that doesn’t require rising suddenly gets priority.

The refrigerator repair man is coming again today.  This will be his fourth (fifth?) visit to our house this month.  I really hope this time is the charm, because this is what we’re working with for a refrigerator for a house of 8 people right now:

Purchased cheap and dedicated to containing corny kegs and not much else, this fridge has only one shelf, no drawers, and the racks holding stuff in the door are bent and tend to pop out with no warning.

I don’t even want to think about what’s going to happen if/when the big fridge can’t be repaired.  I know the stove can’t be repaired; we found out Kender has actually bent the oven door, so it will never close right again.  We still don’t know where the explosion came from.  I just found out that the art studio my girls have been going to for free for several years wants me to pay them $240 every ten weeks now.  Remember what I said about feeling pinched because of how things add up?  There’s cheer, which is now costing us $29 a week, plus $40 for stunt clinic and probably another $20-30 for special practice and $200 in uniforms before the end of the year.  $120 just went to the class to teach three kids how to repair bikes and bring one home, and $157 just went to our homeschool co-op. Wrestling is coming up, which is $100 up front, new shoes for about $70, and helping to feed a whole team of hungry teenagers every weekend.  All of that is less than one sport and one (one!) class per child. Five birthdays next month, one of them for my brother who still hasn’t gotten his wedding present from me.  Nevermind my dad’s birthday yesterday; he didn’t get one either.  I feel like I’m slowly strangling.  So much for that out-of-the-cage feeling I got on Mabon, that lasted about 24 hours.  Every direction feels like spinning down the drain, with no good options.  Blech.

Maybe more coffee will help.  Will it make the to-do list shorter?

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I am a Wiccan priestess, a libertarian mother of triplets plus three, a wife and homeschooling mom to blind and autistic children, a fiber artist, and a Jane of All Trades, always learning and seeking to help.

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  1. I can’t help with much else, but did you get the email from Reach about how students who have been attending before now can be grandfathered in for free if having to pay would result in them not being able to attend? (that’s the only way Ripley can do it) Since they’re long time Reach-goers and come from such a big family you could almost definitely make a solid case for “grandfathering”.

    I have not good words to say about them wanting money now when they DO get funding specifically for Teen Open Studio and since it’s supposed to be for “at risk kids” the whole point is to make it AVAILABLE.

    Grah. Small rant done. Just one thing, but maybe it can help.

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