Kender’s Video, ad infinitum ad nauseum

Why, oh why, oh why did I put this off so long?  How did I manage to forget about it?  I have finally, as of this afternoon, completely processed all of the clips and random video I’ve collected over the past seven months.  Great, so now I have all these behaviors labeled and sorted and I know where to find them, and I can drop them into an interview or smoosh them all together, as needed for the main video.

That just leaves about seventy billion interviews to do.  All with my crappy little camera, I mean I’m going to need to send some anti-nausea pills along with this video it is so jerky, they’re going to be expecting the Blair Witch to jump out from around the corner or something.  Why didn’t I get video of the yard while it was still summer?  Why didn’t I get video the last time we went to Dr. Trese’s office, or had an eye exam under anesthesia? Why didn’t I get video of Foster days last term?  Why didn’t I get any video of going for walks in the cemetery, or going to the store with Daddy?

I need interviews with Brenden, my mother, and at least 3 more dog people in the neighborhood, plus I’ve asked for more selfie interviews from various friends who know Kender well and can offer insight.  I need to get video of Kender eating breakfast, doing Circle Time, brushing his hair and teeth, getting eyedrops, reading a book, taking a bath, going to bed, getting in and out of the car, going to the store, going for a walk, patting people to say hello.  I don’t care how much detail they think they want, I am not going to get video of Kender getting his poopy butt changed.  I need video of Kender going to Foster, how he behaves in the main room, the way he reacts when Beth asks him to go for a walk or Patti asks him for a hug, the way he tries to steal everybody’s food, the way he runs out the door all the time.  I still need video of Kender with Midnight and Max.  I need videos of all the kids with all the pets.  I have to tour the front and back of the house, showing the yards and porches and play equipment, and why in hell didn’t I get that before it was completely buried under feet of snow?  I need to show what happens when it’s chore time and the kids don’t want to do their chores.  I could use some more video of Impression 5. I need specific video looking at how Kender uses his cane, preferably with shots of Daddy and maybe Beth using their canes and talking about how it works.  I need to show how Kender is developmentally delayed.  I need to talk about the surgical eye exams, since I won’t have video of that, no way to get it before the deadline.

There’s probably even more that I really should have and can’t even think of right now.  The original deadline we were told about was 4 months prior to the class date.  Class starts on May 12th, which would make today the 4 month deadline.  4 Paws was late in getting paperwork out to everybody, so they told us last month that the deadline was the end of January.  If we don’t get this video done and to them, Kender will not be able to go to the May class.  He’ll get bumped to the next available class, which could be as much as an entire year later!  So my wish is to get this video finished no later than this Friday, January 17th, and posted online as well as shipped on a jump drive.  That way, there will be next week for the trainers to look at my video, declare it totally worthless, and demand I make another one in less than 24 hours or Kender will forfeit his dog.  Or something like that.

I’ve spent hours and hours today working on this, and I’m just ready to cry right now.  And I’m afraid to stop working on it, because there is so damn much to do.

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