Lipstick and Lazy Days

After spending most of last week feeling like I was slowly going crazy from my to-do list getting longer and longer and longer, I decided to take the 4th off.  No working on my to-do list, no doing anything I absolutely didn’t have to.  I’m going to watch TV and knit and drink beer and smell […]

Literature Outside Its Time

One of my favorite authors of all time is Robert Heinlein.  I discovered his books the year after he died, and I read them voraciously throughout my teenage years.  Through his books, I learned about things as varied as being resourceful and self-reliant, the value of honor and integrity, libertarianism and voluntaryism (though I didn’t […]

Bored at a Wedding

Yesterday evening my husband and I had a wedding to go to.  Or, rather, a wedding reception.  We were invited as acquaintances.  I have no real friendship or connection to either the bride or the groom.  In fact, the groom couldn’t even remember my name!  Which means I was sitting for about four hours in […]


I’m feeling the swamp vibe this year.  Or possibly rainforest.  How much does it have to rain to qualify as rainforest? It rains every day.  Morning, afternoon, evening, overnight.  It can spend an entire day doing nothing but sprinkling all day long, which is a bit like Chinese water torture from the heavens.  None of […]

Summertime Things

We’re getting ready for PaganFest this week.  We’ve been attending the relatively new Michigan festival for the past three years, and now it is just one of our annual rituals to welcome in summer.  Three days at a campground with bonfire and fellowship…I’m looking forward to it even though I will be spending most of […]

Those Daily Devotions

Yesterday my teachers asked me how my daily devotions and my relationship with Loki were going.  I never know how to answer open-ended questions like that on the spot, but they do make me think. I didn’t have anything resembling a daily devotional practice until last year, when I received my first degree and finally […]

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