Youth Groups

Last night, all three of the triplets were out of the house.  Brenden has gone on a weekend-long retreat with his best friend’s church’s youth group, and the girls were invited to another church’s lock-in.  It’s amazing to realize that they are at that age. I remember being 14.  I remember 9th and 10th grade.  […]

Cultural Appropriation

I’ve been hearing a lot this year about this thing called cultural appropriation.  Things that I have heard fall under this label include Westerners practicing yoga poses, anybody north of the border celebrating Dia de los Muertos without authentic hispanic lineage, people who work with gods or religions that don’t match their racial heritage, people […]

Religious Freedom and Holidays

Here is another post that is important for Christians to read, because it brings up something that many Christians just never consider. Yesterday’s post over at The Wild Hunt got me to thinking about accommodation of religious holidays in the workplace and how we tend to deal with that in our society. Think about the […]

Fighting Perfectionism in Paganism

A friend of mine posted this blog this morning about the mommy wars.  To sum up, the author points out that feelings of inadequacy tend to prompt tired, stressed moms to lash out against each other over trivial differences in lifestyle and parenting. She then goes on to lead with her Christian faith, reminding that […]

The Burning Times

My Christian friends need to read this, especially those who consider themselves missionaries or who support foreign missionary work. My conservative friends need to read this, especially those who consider certain religious regimes like Saudi Arabia to be our allies. This post is not just for Wiccan or pagan eyes, for us to share amongst […]

Top Rules for Children in Rituals

As our movement continues to grow and expand, a whole new generation is now being raised within Wicca, and paganism in general, rather than converting from old religions.  I know that when my children were young, I missed having the fellowship of a church membership that I remembered from my Baptist and Presbyterian youth.  This […]

Find Your Boundaries

Today, my mind is full and scattered, wandering and looking for a path, chaos surrounded by chaos. At the end of a fairly stressful Monday filled with more nuisances, annoyances, and breakages than a whole month should have, my altar candle burned itself out.  It was a 2-week pillar candle, which usually lasts at least […]

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